Nectar Republic Bath Soak Glass Tube


Indulge yourself in a glorious spa treatment in the privacy of your home. Simply add to a warm bath and soak in self-care.

( 2 oz. / 28.35 g.)


Milk Honey : Comforting & sweet, warm dairy cream with touches of wholesome sweet honey.

Lavender Chamomile : Soft, calm and relaxing floral notes of french lavender and roman chamomile and a touch of sandalwood.

Grapefruit Lemongrass : An uplifting citrus wellness blend of grapefruit, lemongrass, orange, hibiscus and bergamot.

Rose Sandalwood : Stimulating rose and grounding sandalwood create a well balanced and sultry aroma.

Peppermint Tea Tree : Cleansing notes of fresh peppermint, herbaceous tea tree and clarifying cajeput.